Let's all be Unoriginal - About Originality

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1."WE ARE ORIGINAL,LET'S COMPLAIN ALL AT ONCE ABOUT THE FACT THAT HOLLYWOOD IS UNORIGINAL" - about the "Originality Police", their representatives forcing people to be Original and their own hypocrisy

Recently, I watched two videos on Youtube, where the authors had, to say colloquialy , a big butthurt about that "Hurr durr, Hollywood is such unoriginal, Only remakes and there are no ORIGINAL (I repeat ORIGINAL) ideas.". Well, OK. The problem is that even the most original stories have never been original. I will even say that since humanity exists, nothing original has existed

Every new thing is an improvement of the old one - We went from the fire, to torches, to oil lamps to Electricity - each of these things was an improvement of the previous idea. Does this mean that the creator of the light bulb "stole" the idea of the creator of the torch?

Attention, this is just my opinion, but here's what I think about it:

Unfortunately, today's viewers have been for a few or a dozen years under perhaps the least, but still - the influence of the Hipsters, as well as various fandoms. And now they expect from art, music, film etc. Something that is impossible - 100% originality and zero inspiration whatsoever.
And unfortunately - because of this, modern viewers can not distinguish Inspiration from plagiarism, the creators of movies are accused of " theft" by them
the viewers suffer because of this, because their worldview is destroyed by a clash with reality when they find movies that inspired for eg. "Star Wars" or "Harry Potter" (Compare "Young Sherlock Holmes" with "Harry Potter")
Creators, Artists also suffers, because they are later unjustly called by viewers "Thieves" or "Plagiarists".

I have recently seen such a thing under the other two films than the two above mentioned - the first one compared "Star Wars" to the movie "Dam Busters":

the second one compared John Williams music to classical music:

Star Wars Fandom reaction is not surprising, but also sad -Lucas and Williams are called "Thieves" and "Plagiarsts" by them (or even worse terms, which I will not mention here) - Wrongly anyway.
Viewers don't distinguish Inspiration from plagiarism and they think that the X-wings turning in the direction of the Death Star in exactly the same way as the planes in "Dam Busters" is a „Plagiarism".

I do not know how it looks in other countries, but in my country, copyright law says that:

Chapter 1. The Object of Copyright Article

2(1). Protection may apply to the form of expression only and no protection shall be granted to discoveries, ideas, procedures, methods and principles of operation as well as mathematical concepts.

I do not know how it is in the US or in the United Kingdom (or anywhere else in the world), but let's move it to the aforementioned example with X-wings: Of course, Lucas took the movement of the planes and some shots from „Dam Busters" and copied it on the X-wings,but the movement itself can be considered an idea or procedure (or principle of operation ... of the X-wing) - So in the case of Lucas, There is no plagiarism.For a situation that could be called plagiarism, Mr. Lucas would have to copy the scene 1 to 1 - The same planes, the same background, the same sounds. And he didn't do it - He only took the essence, i.e the movement of planes, and transferred it to the X-Wing. The background wasn't sky, but space, a galaxy far far away, space above the Death Star. In Star Wars, instead of planes, the X-wings were turning toward the Death Star. We haven't heard the Aircraft engines - We've heard the X-Wing Engines sounds.

In addition, we can see in this "Police of originality", those hipsters who strive for impossible originality , a Hypocrisy -They say how "Hollywood is unoriginal" or "This shot is plagiarized" and, in this same time, they repeat 1: 1 what someone else has said before, thinking that they are "Original".

It's a bit like the aforementioned Hipsters - To be "Original" and "Nonmainstream" and to fight with originality, they began to dress differently - at some point each of them began to look similar - Stereotypically, some hat, sweatpants, some colorful blouses, Rayban glasses, and a DSLR, preferably an analog one, although they probably don't even know how to use it.Or maybe I do not appreciate them and they know how to use it? Do not judge me.
And what? Each of the Hipsters looked similar, and each of them thought that he was "original".

2.SIMILAR DOESN'T EQUAL THIS SAME - inspiration on my example

If you read my Introduce Yourself post, You probably know that I am currently working on an animated film. BTW. I wonder all the time if I should not start saving money to have a budget, even a low one, to create this animation at good, or at least acceptable level - Well, for that I would have to calculate how much money I need for a really low-budget animation that will not suck. but what am I talking about... this is a topic for a different post: D.
Anyway, I told you that I'm working on a movie, or rather an animated series. But I did not say what themovie will be about. So here you have a summary - Of course, this is not a very detailed summary and you will see when I create this movie, that (I hope) it will look better than it sounds :D :

On the planet Ross 128b (For residents known as Rozzia or Anthrosia), two alien races live: Catlike Felinesians and Reptilelike Reptilians. They live in 6 countries (3 countries for each race): Central Felinesia, Northern Felinesia, Western Felinesia, South Reptilia, Eastern Reptilia and Reptilia Orientia - Ie. Far Eastern Reptilia.The story of the series begins in Cathairo Gaiti, the capital of Central Felinesia ( I will soon try to create a Map and send it so that you can see it, where is ). At Rai Tategami's (One of the main characters) house, (where live people who have the skills in various areas (survival, military etc.) Or have unusual, unique abilities) a group of Felinesians meets.

Rai's Midfielder, Ti, Armament and Technology Specialist,gives them the latest informations - It turns out that there have been reports that South Reptilia troops are approaching Cathairo Gaiti,with the likely intention of an attack and will probably reach the capital of Felinesia the next night.The group of Felinesians is preparing to attack, because their home is the largest in the city and is set above the city and thus is the most vulnerable to attack. they also send a message to the residents of the city, to be prepared for a fight or in the extreme case to escape (if they were surrounded)

At night, the South Reptilia troops attack the city. Despite a long fight, the Felinesians must flee, not to lose their lives. Reptilians surround the house, with Rai and the rest of the group inside - group runs away and finds a room with a strange device - It turns out that it is a device called "The Bridge" - A device that allows the user to find any living planet and move there - However, there is one problem - If the same device is not built on the other planet, it is a one-way trip.
The cats decide to take a risk and choose nearest exoplanet, 11 light years away from them - Planet With a Code E4R7H.

They appear on our planet - in the year 2018 (counting in our units of time). They landed somewhere in the countryside - in UK. Not wanting to be noticed yet (In order not to arouse panic among the inhabitants of our planet), they run away to their nearest Home - belonging to a 20-year-old boy named Peter and his parents...

He, after the initial shock, offers them help. Soon afterwards, it turns out that Reptilians are on the Earth- Camouflaged as various stars, Celebrities, Politicians and so on. The Felinesians, along with Peter (and a few other heroes, which I will tell about in another post) ) decide to go to an unequal battle with the elites on our planet - on the war for Culture, Freedom of speech and, above all, on the war against the censorship, Statism and the Statists from their world who are ruling OUR world.

  • The location may still change, although it's doubtful

Okay, I've written a summary for you - And now something for fun: Guess which movies,Tv Series, books, graphic Novels ... In general, what kind of Creations of Culture inspired me to create this?

In the next post I will answer the question above and I will say, what inspired me for creating this (I'll also add a picture of the first page of the script, and I think you'll like it, because it's very unusual looking script :) ).

3.Very "Original" Summary - About two groups of artistic thieves: "Originals" and "Samplers"

So, to finish this post, as you can see, there is no such thing as 100% original creation. Simply, when creating things, some creators are inspired less, others more.
Some are more aware of their "Artistic Theft" and they do this theft on purpose (Like Quentin Tarantino). others are people who perform the same theft when, metaphorically, they are "sleepwalking" and they are not aware that they did a Artistic theft.

Let's divide them into two groups mentioned in the title of the subitem:

ORIGINALS - Despite the name, they are not people who create 100% original creations. No - They are simply people who, by creating cultural creations, are inspired by external factors, such as everyday events, films, Music, Art etc. In a small degree or unconsciously.Because of this, after they created a film, they composed a musical piece, They painted a painting, etc. They mistakenly believe that they created a 100% original composition, when in reality they created a piece that is, unconsciously, but still inspired by some external factor.

SAMPLERS - these are people who absorb movies, music, art, photos and all possible creations of culture or reality, after which they take fragments or larger wholes of these creations and, by „gluing" them together, they create something new on their basis.
if I had to compare it to something - It's a bit as if they were cutting out fragments of articles from newspapers or fragments of photos, and then gluing them together with other larger or smaller pieces, creating a new whole.

Finally, It doesn't matter if you identify yourself More as Originals or More as Sampler - but remember one thing: What distinguishes plagiarism from artistic stealing/Inspiration is that in plagiarism we copy only one song - One movie, One music track etc.
And to be able to recognize your art, your work as an inspiration, Artistic Thief", you have to "steal" motifs from many sources - Combine the motifs of several films into one, change them, play with them - It's a bit like Lego bricks - They are already here, they were created by someone else, but what you build from them depends only on you.

[This is where Jeremy's video from Cinema Sins was supposed to be, but when I post this entry, Jeremy changed most of his videos on his channel to Private or Unlisted - and this movie is probably private, which means that only Jeremy has access to it - I'm sorry - I will just say that the video (probably) was from the series „Dear Hollywood" and he was cursing on Hollywood mainly because of „Unoriginality"]

WhatCulture video - to be more specifically, point 6 (4: 43-5: 23)

Post the link here:

BTW. Check out what shows up, when you type on Youtube "Hollywood Unoriginality" - a dozen or so videos about EXACTLY THIS SAME TOPIC - "Why Hollywood is unoriginal" - when you all think about that these people want us to „Fight against Unoriginality and Be original", the irony becomes so storied, what am I talking - So HIGH that reaches the planet Ross 128b


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