Fold Your Mind Through a Cellar Door

in creativewriting •  11 months ago

Fold your mind into a paper football sized corner space of your cranium to plastic and melt it to metal and melt it again. Lie down under the open stars with comfortable heat around you your head connected with the stars through roots of electric wiring to the trees and back to the earth. melt your skull into plaster of Paris and fuse your brain into the wall of a lonely apartment.Pull your hood and cowl over your head and enter another wave of comfort, Numb and tingling face in a puddle of drool. ecstasy in a slum because your mind is one with creation. Bring yourself to the realm of the cow and witness him, If he speaks to you he speaks lies, and will only make you fear and disbelieve. Sleep in your blankets of space and air and feel the warmth of your mothers arms. Connect into your responsibility uncertainties and fear and with your direct call line to god ask him about your upcoming bills. He will tell you everything is fine,believe in yourself, eat more mushrooms and acid, and keep the collect call open.Pinch yourself to realize you have been gone for four days and you have messages that need to be answered You have been talking with your creator and earth calls didn't come through.

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help a ex stoner that investes in robotics and crypto currencys grow up to be a winner. Reality check from crypto ? im on stress today.!!!