Crypto Logo Art Challenge : Ripple

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Hello Steemians ,

It's been a while since I have posted something , currently in China working on a job til the end of the month . Been crazy busy working but now I have some free time so I thought I might as well create something for the crypto logo art challenge by sndbox. The crypto art this week is ... Ripple .

Here is my entry for the challenge.


My style is 3D art with the medium being digital.


I browsing around pinterest one day and I found this fresh style of 3D art which looked really cool . Honestly I have no clue who started this style but I really wanted to try it out . The artwork has this rhythm to the surface of it which looks very hypnotic .

Making of

So here's a little explanation of what I did :

First I created a sphere in my 3D software and extruded the bottom part of it. I then apply a "twist" deformer so all the "texture" that I apply to it will have that twist effect.


I then duplicate it 2 more times and rotate the meshes to look like the ripple logo.


After that I applied a texture and light it in 3D. Took me a while to find a nice color combination that I liked. I eventually settled with the blue and red neon color look.


Well that pretty much sums it up.

Thanks for dropping by and see you again soon!![ripple_touchup.png]


Awesome stuff, man! Really like the neon lights look

thanks bran , neon always works for sci fi or futuristic stuff

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Congrats @wanaf. I love the colors and dimension on your entry :) I wish I knew how to render 3D objects. The ripple logo looks beautiful.

I @danur upvote your post @wanaf. I as a small fish always follow the big fish posts to build my cooperation with them. and I hope that those who are already big want to visit my blog anytime. hopefully I am part of their project. thanks