Crypto Art & Design Challenge - Tron Edition - Tron Lights

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Crypto Art & Design Challenge - Tron Edition - Tron Lights

Tron Lights - 1000 x 600
After riding my light cycle for hours, I present to you my entry for the Crypto Art & Design Challenge #12 hosted by @sndbox and @creativecrypto. I missed the other rounds so I'm really excited to join again. The artist that inspired my work for this round is Ben Procter - Tron: Legacy. The crypto for this round is Tron so I can't help but use the art style of the famous movie. Ben Procter is known because of his work in Tron: Legacy and Avatar. He also worked in the Transformers movie. Source

Tron Lights - Gif version

Video Animation ~ Tron Lights

1920 x 1080 Video Animation

⚙️ Process ⚙️

After I've decided that I will use the art style of the Tron: Legacy movie, I have browsed the net for images. The distinct part of the style are the Glowing lights. I used Adobe After effects and a plugin(Saber) to achieve the effect that I wanted. I started with the glowing outer and inner frame of the logo. I did that to make it resemble a light disc. Light discs were used as a weapon in the film. The concept that inspired the inner lines is the trail that a light cycle leaves. While light discs are weapons, light cycles are vehicles which are also used for battles. For the background, I used a grid since the light cycle battle is done on the Grid.

I would love to hear your comments. If you enjoyed this, you can follow me (It's free! 😆).

Salamat! 😄 Thanks!

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