Litecoin Doodle Crypto-Art: Entry for Crypto Logo Art Challenge Round 4

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OK! This is Round 4 for Crypto Logo Art Challenge and I feel the competition is getting tighter. But, apart from the results of the competition, I really enjoy how the process of making the artworks like famous artists have done. This time it's Litecoin, I've seen a lot of great entries. Maybe because Litecoin is so popular.

Litecoin Doodle Crypto-Art.png

This is my entry for Crypto Logo Art Challenge hosted by @sndbox.

Title: Litecoin Doodle Crypto-Art

Artist: @karmachela

Style: Doodle Art

Medium: Digital

Tool: Clip Studio Paint

What is the inspiration for this work?

This work is made with Doodle Art style, is an art style that carries practical and spontaneous scratches. Doddle art has a tendency of "horror vacui" that is the tendency to fear the emptiness. Thus, although doodle art is technically easy to create but will produce a beautiful and unique composition. One of the famous doodle artists is Sam Cox or better known as Mr. Doodle.

I use doodle art because it is inspired by Litecoin's vision that comes as a simpler crypto than Bitcoin. The concept of simplicity is very much aligned with the doodle art technique but from that simplicity can create something extraordinary when properly composted.

What is the process of making this work?

As I said before, technically doodle art is made in a practical way. I created this work digitally using Clip Studio Paint software. This work was made in 1680 width by 1008 height with high resolution of 300 dpi. To make this work at least just needed marker pen tool and eraser tool. Here are the screenchots of the manufacturing process.

Step 01

Screenshot (282).png

Step 02

Screenshot (287).png

Step 03

Screenshot (288).png

Step 04

Screenshot (289).png

Step 05

Screenshot (290).png

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Yes. This. You really deserve to win. This is freaking awesome. Also, please make it into a shirt, mug, laptop case, etc.

Good idea. Yes I will. Thanks @creativista

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OMG! I have missed it. But, I have added the creative commons license to the post. Thanks for the attention @creative-commons

Thank you :-)

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Doodle Art! 😄 It looks very busy. Can we get a colored version?