The Creative Crypto DTube Competition Entry

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To celebrate the growth of the @creativecrypto magazine @sndbox announced animation competition.

It is great challenge for me so I decided to participate.

In my imagination blockchain technology it is something really fast changing, growing and involving more and more spheres of our life. And since the magazine is dedicated to things that impacting the creative world through blockchain technology, I decided that this should be an animation with rapidly changing colorful objects. And I had the idea of making the appearance of a logo with something like glitch effect.

So here is my result!

This animation of logo reveal can be provided as Adobe After Effects project (fully editable), Full HD video and gif file.

And for those who can't watch video on DTube here is link to YouTube

Thank you for watching!

▶️ DTube

Coooool!!!!! :)

Thank you!))

It turned out a good animation. I liked it :) Good luck to you and Love.

Получилась неплохая анимация. Мне понравилось:) Удачи Вам и Любви.

Thank you!:)

Me gusta, promete. Te deseo lo mejor.

I like it.

Muchas gracias!

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