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It's been a week of trying to make Seyi understand in different ways that I crave him. Luckily enough, he is catching up. Yesterday was awesome. Seyi and Kemi had come home late at night. I opened the door for them and Kemi was resting on Seyi's arms as he tried to steady her steps. She was making them sway from left to right as he struggled to take her to her room. She's light headed but will always want to prove she's a bad girl by taking more than her limit and times like this, she just throws up and ends up in bed until the next day when she wakes up with a banging headache. Last night was one of those nights. Seyi and I exchanged glances and I understood. He had tried stopping her but as stubborn as Kemi is, she had refused. Seyi took her into the room, laid her on the bed and wanted to leave but she held his shirt and begged him to spend the night. Seyi agreed but took permission to go have his bath.

That was the perfect opportunity. He doesn't like bathing in Kemi's bathroom because it is always filthy. Either there is a used pad somewhere waiting to be disposed or dirty panties lying around. Kemi is as dirty as a pig and the cleaner only comes in on Saturdays to clean up the house. I knew Seyi has just one option and that is the bathroom along the corridor, the one opposite my room. I waited for him to walk in and gave him sometime. Immediately I heard the sound of running waters I walked in with just my wrapper tied around me from my chest to my knees. I let the wrapper fall as I tip-toed into the bath tub and wrapped my arms around Seyi from the back getting soaked with the water falling from above.

Seyi was shocked. He immediately washed off the lather on his face, forcing my arms wrapped around him to part as he turned and looked at me bewildered. I could see the hunger in his eyes as they fell on my boobs standing and looking at him like an about to ripe pwwpaw fruit. I could feel the intensity of his gazes. He tore his gaze from my boobs to my lips and in one quick movement, he grabbed me and planted a kiss hungrily on my lips forcing my lips to part with his tongue as his hands cupped my boobs. I reciprocated by burying my tongue in his throat as I held his head with my right hand and buried my left fingers in his back.

I heard him moan with pleasure. I tore my lips from his to allow him breathe. I traced his nipples with my fingers and then bent gently so my mouth can conveniently take his nipples in while my fingers played with the other. I felt his right hand walk it's way to his manhood and felt victorious. He desired this as much as i wanted him. I climbed out of the bath tub making him do same. I made him sit on the edge of the bath tub and then knelt down infront of him and bent his head for one quick kiss before taking his little Johnny in my mouth. He let out a soft moan and widened his legs giving me more space for swallowing. With the way he held my head pushing it down each time I wanted to come up, I knew he'll spill his milk on me if I don't stop. I held his hand tightly and looked up at him, his eyes were closed as he was lost in ecstasy but opened seconds after as he looked searching my face for reasons.

"This weekend, Kemi will be travelling to meet her parents", I panted trying to steady my breathing, "Come once you drop her off at the airport".

With these words, I picked up my wrapper and walked away. A few more days and we will set this house on fire.


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Very saucy indeed @zyzmena xx