Agreed @wwwiebe, just recently learned of @sleepingcowboy at the @steemterminal... he's quite a cool fellow, and also pretty good at what he does...

Hi, @wwwiebe , this particular sculpt is using a clay named Monster Clay(tm)

Really neat stuff. It has wax like properties that allow it to be melted into a liquid for. Pretty handy stuff.

It allowed me , with this piece to warm the clay until I could easily get the shape I wanted for the head. Then after it cooled I was able to start carving on it. I should write a post on it in the future. Thank you your complement it means a lot

Being appreciated is the fuel that keeps vehicle moving forward.

That is pretty neat. I've contemplated for a long time building a small contraption for smelting low-melting-point metals, but dont' like the fact that most of them are somewhat toxic. What's the melting point of the clay?

Super low. In fact it is suggested to melt it in the microwave. I have two ways of melting it. First is to microwave a full 2lb tub for around 2min. This is just enough to soften it and make it very malleable. Secondly, I use a small crocpot, the kind that only plugs in with now controls. This will, eventually, melt it completely into liquid. The best part of the crocpot is that you have complete control of just how much turns to liquid.

In liquid form it is great for pouring into moulds. I will do this if I want to rework an old piece but don't feel like doing all the work of making it from scratch. Pretty nifty.

That sounds absolutely awesome, and just like what I was looking for. Thank you!

Just saw this tip. Thank you big time!

You're welcome! Tips are a whole lot easier for me to dish out than votes. :)

I understand that. With all these new tribes/tokens I find myself playing the token game and ignoring my steem voting power. But it caught up with me lol now I have to wait 2 days. I think I may start doing the tip thing too. It is a very nice way to show support I think.