Money will only be available in the city

in #creativecoin5 years ago

Today, you will hear the story of such a city, who will come to the city and get money. Money is not too small a figure.

70 thousand dollars. The town of Albinen is the name of the Swiss mountain green hill. Surrounded by mountains, the picturesque city is situated at an altitude of 265 feet above sea level. The main problem here is that the population is low. Only 240 people live in Albany. Most of the houses here are so empty. That is to say, almost ghostly conditions prevail. The only school has also been closed due to lack of students. But if there are no people, then the city will end.

And to prevent the city's demise, the city authorities of Albinen have made a lucrative proposal. Municipality chief Bit Jost said anyone under the age of 45 can stay in the city, settle in vacant homes or buy new land and build a home. In return, the family will be given 70,000 dollars. There is a condition, however, that families who accept this offer will not be able to leave Albine within 10 years.


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