CreativeCoin Curation Week 3

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As a part of the CreativeCoin curators team, I get to help support and promote some of the wonderful creators here on the platform. @isaria wrote a great post clarifying what type of creative content the community would be supporting, you can find the post here.

Every week, I continue to be blown away by the creativity that is on this platform and I am so glad that there is now a place where all the creators can come together and share their work and get the exposure that they deserve. This community is all about supporting one another and inspiring one another, so that we can all continue to do what we love.

Each week I will be highlighting six of the posts, from those that I have upvoted each week. I hope that you take the time to check out each post and show them some love, if you like the work that they create , please follow them so that you do not miss out on any of their future creations.

A Quantum Goddess for a very special person.


I love this Goddess Guardian that @medussart created for someone very special in her life. The many different symbols and influences that she incorporated from cultures around the world, remind us that we are all connected. Both the detail and the colouring are beautiful, what a wonderful gift to give some one. @medussart is an artist worth checking out.

The Introspection Chronicles13 or All These Men


@warpedpoetic wrote so many amazing poems and stories this week, that it was hard for me to pick just one. But this one stood out, a look at how all of life has suffered at the hands of some men. This poem is very powerful and passionate. @wartpedpoetic is a wonderful writer to follow.

World Indigenous People's Day: Diversity, Hope & Generosity of Spirit


This post is a celebration of culture, but more specifically some of the different cultures within Thailand. @artemislives does amazing work with the Karen people who have been displaced in the north of Thailand. This post has some wonderful photography , but we are also reminded that not every culture is being celebrated as it should be.

Fading Thoughts


@chinyerevivian has written a poem about the pain that we hold inside, pain that can blind us in our everyday lives if we allow it to take over. She has a wonderful way with words and is a writer that is worth following as she always writes from the heart.

Sigils, And How I Use Them


Sigils are a wonderful way for us to put our intentions out into the world and also to ask for guidance. @in2itiveart creates powerful sigils and in this post she explains how she uses them and also the symbols she crates within them. I recommend you go check out her work and follow her.

Dark Poem- "Night Life"


I have just discovered @anaclark and her creative writing. This poem is dark and raw with emotions. It represents those times in our lives when we engulfed in the darkness. @anaclark wrote this poem when she was in a 'dark hole' and girl does she really take you into that hole with her. She is definitely some one worth following.

A big shout out to @derangedvisions, @pacolimited and @remyrequenart for the wonderful creativecoin artwork that I have used in this post. Thank you.


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Thank you so much for this amazing description, kind words and support for all of us!...we are all connected, you're right! With love and creativity!

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Thank you @medussart, I really loved your Goddess xx

Thanks so much for this. I am glad there is a niche that caters to those who write creatively. It means a lot to me. merci

you are very welcome @warpedpoetic x

Thank you for the curation @trucklife-family! I see CREATIVITY and conscious hope-filled action in the world as a solution and natural remedy for despair, destruction and over-thinking. Lovely work you are doing.... x

I couldn't have put it better myself, always a pleasure @artemislives xx

Amazing selection and with a good variety. It shows the creativecoin is the home of all the creative people:)

thank you very much @georgeboya xx