What do you mean?
I read those who made the soft fork, started the coup, had contact with all witnesses and they all agreed.

What do you mean with the last sentence?

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Justin knew exactly how this would play out. He knows he is untouchable as his businesses are in Malta and Seychelles. It is interesting, that he even knew beforehand that there was going to be a softfork, how he deliberately touted that he'd takeover, migrate the Dapps to Tron and tokenize Steem.

Those were the kinds of words that he hoped we would get riled about. And if we didn't, he'd still manage to have some excuse to kill our community.

Don't you wonder at all, why he didn't just indict the witnesses? Instead he used mainly illegal cartel tricks to topple the witnesses by signaling those 3 exchanges to power up and proxy vote the bots via his zombie account, @dev365.

That's because he didn't want to invoke the law since his claims are nonsense.

To recap, Justin wanted us to freeze the stake Ned sold him. He knew exactly what it was for and why we'd get upset.

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