Introducing SONICGROOVE: A Music Niche Tribe Powered by Scotbot

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Holy Shit, what did we go and do now?

That's right, we made this one go to 11!

We've read the comments, we've seen what you've been saying, and @isaria and I decided to bring it to you!

We know that Choon was hot for a while, but then they decided to go and just remove their notes and delete some accounts. We're working on bringing that same style functionality here, but until then, we bring you the @sonicgroove tribe.

But don't you already have creativecoin? What is this ya trying to pull?

Sure do, and we're having a great time with it, but you can't argue the fact that music and performances are big stuffs on the platform. In fact, if it wasn't for the music community, Isaria would probably not have hung around for that long. We want to give back to the musicians that we have enjoyed discovering and hearing, and we have the means to do so.

What Will You Be Looking For?

We will reward all kinds of music! Recorded, Live, Early Cuts, we don't care at all as long as it belongs to you, we want to reward it with SONICGROOVE tokens. Oh and before anyone freaks, we think covers are worthy as well.

But here's the deal. We're a couple of assholes and we're taking this seriously. We will flag and/or mute accounts that only post sound recordings that aren't their own or other-wise mis-use the #sonicgroove tag. Your flag is your warning.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, what will we accept?
Well, music to begin with-- that seems obvious, but we will also accept original reviews of popular music and concerts. We will also be encouraging Music theory lessons, music technique lessons, guides on building instruments and synthracks, etc. As long as you own the rights, we're going to be pretty cool.

When Drop?

We're building our drop-list right now based off of known musicians and music artists that have used certain tags. We're then going to go through and look over the list with a keen eye to remove anyone that shouldn't be on there, and we should be ready to drop in a week or so. Until then, we will be curating the tag with our accounts. The Sonic Groove Token is also up on steem-engine for purchase right now for you early birds that like to build stake. Symbol = SONIC

Oh, and yes, there will be miners. Details on that to follow, but just like some vinyl albums these days, they will be limited. will be the front end, just as soon as it's configured and unwrapped for us.

Look for the post @isaria will have tomorrow on more details including a contest she's going to run!



Wooohooo!!! Are classical musos welcome? @organduo @partitura @drugelis @tormus1958 @bengy @laputis @savagirl4 @cmp2020

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The Classical music community on Steem is probably too small to warrant it's own tribe. Otherwise we could have our own token: the CLASSY. 😀

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Hope so! This could be a nice one... But another tag to remember...

Hope so! This could be
A nice one... But another
Tag to remember...

                 - bengy

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I love you, Haikubot.

Also, this is Serena.

This is why you should never give me the keys to anything.

Wow. I did it again. I will go have coffee now. - Serena. This is Serena. I screw up it all.

Thanks for fluffing up my dust @dustbunny.

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heh... bunny was helping @bengy with his dusty vote there:

bunny-log screenshot
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🙃 😂 !giphy bunny+rabbit

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“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
― Bob Marley

I share my best wishes for this idea and may success be with you. Every project that has a clear good intention will always bear fruit, so you have nothing left but to invite the writers, singers, instrumentalists who come to know them. From the Talent meeting team, I will spread the word to read this information and be encouraged to participate. A hug and. Good vibes.

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Excellent news! My organ playing videos and our Secrets of Organ Playing community will benefit a lot from this...

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awesome idea ... the music community on the platform has been so vibrant . great to see it have its own space

Exciting!! This moment deserves cake! ♥ Let us know if you need any help!


Also, is there a discord for this, too?

May I suggest double rewards for nickelback cover songs?

Brilliant news!
I was only talking about this kind of idea this morning with a kind of 'Music Focus Group'
I own the now defunct Choon Discord server and have changed it to MFG - if you like we can change it to Sonic Groove?

Dannnnng. How do you guys even have time to sleep??

Also, awesome!!!!! This is the ONE tribe I have wanted more than ANY other. I would have created one myself but that’s highly laughable.

The Cat made a steemit rap song a couple years my one hit wonder good enough to make the cut ;-) hehe

Great news and much needed tribe

Brilliant but damn you been faster than me - I am all into electronic sounds and music history / rock stuff , hope this fits all into the new tribe.


Seriously though, the more music-centric curation on here the better!

So we can start using #sonicgroove and #creativecoin for our music uploads now when using dsound? Interesting.... Very interesting...

@swelker101, So many options and opportunities are there and now it's the beauty of Steem Blockchain. And once the SMT will launch then more outside crowd will adopt Steem Blockchain.

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You rock @isaria & @swelker101!!
Thank you <3 <3

Interesting, will definitely keep an eye on this. There can never be enough blockchain solutions for musicians!