SONICGROOVE: The Miners Are LIVE and CHEAP! This is a new way to distribute the token!

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Miners are listed at 5 Steem!

Get In Now

So this is how we're going to go with the SONIC token for @sonicgroove.

We are not puting a sell wall up on the market, the market will happen organicly as payouts start to come in.

We are puting 25% of the pool into mining, and selling them at 5 Steem each! There will be many for sale.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. We feel that people that are interested in mining are more likely to stake their rewards
  2. We have seen many projects put up huge sell walls that create an artifical "top" to the market. With this, the market will determine the value instead of us putting a huge indicator up.

So the official symbol on steem-engine is SONICMM. It's one-size-fits-all. One miner, one chance per chunk. And at 5 Steem, we think they're a bargain for you to continue to earn as long as you keep the miner staked.

Please, do not spend more than what you can afford, we make zero promises as far as ROI, payouts, or value.

While I have you here, I should let you know that the account @notgroovy is our flag/muting account. I am not shy in handing out mutes for tag mis-use

I wanted the account @webuiltthiscity, but @Isaria said I was too old and that reference would go over people's heads. I then angled for @ nickleback. But that was shot down as well.

sigh So @notgroovy it is.

Thanks guys!


Notgroovy is pretty cool but nickelback policing the music tribe would have been epic, the fear and shame of being nickelbacked would be a very good deterrent to keep your tags right.

lol I actually told him to use Nickelback....there could be an auto comment on every flagged post with Chad's face.


HAHA that would have been great!!!

@webuiltthiscity should be aquired regardless of age, intent or practicality.

Also getting downvoted by @nickleback would be a complicated experience.

What is the age issue again? Don't get it

Sir, not all of us are aware that the city was built on rock and roll.

It was one of my 80ies favs

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I thought "subsonic" would be a good name for the flagging account. :-)

Really feeling this idea, waiting to see how it works out (with miner tokens) a bit first

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@sonicgroove, This is awesome news team, just bought couple of miners and excited to explore the Sonicgroove Ecosystem. Good wishes from my side team.

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I bought 5, we'll see how they go.

Just staked 10 sonicmm tokens to my main account. Stay groovy!
PS I love the idea of @webuiltthiscity! #showingmyage

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Hey, @sonicgroove, thank you for this opportunity! I am a pro photographer and also I play guitar from time to time, so call me an analogue musician :P
I just acquired and staked 2 miners to support this initiative.
My question is as I am photographing musical events from time to time, is it OK I post photos from those events and if yes, what would be the proper tag to use then. #sonicgroove?

Have a great day!

Hey @sonicgroove . I cannot get a curatorial fee. Have you blocked my account? It is wrong for a person who has never stopped believing in your coin. Hopefully this is a bug.