Long time no see man! How is it going? You still got your grow?

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I have some hatch chili seeds that have grown over the winter into sturdy little plants. I have one cannabis plant left from my last grow. After harvest, I just trimmed one of the plants down to minimal leaves and buds then let it live by keeping it fed. It went through a gnarly period where it gave me warped and weird leaves. Now I see little normalish leaves happening and I very recently introduced a little nitrogen. I have plenty of seeds from last time but haven't planted anything yet because I was looking at having to move soon. But now, maybe I don't have to move considering how things are right now. LOL In any case, I have seeds and cubes and some new grow lights that I found at a yard sale last month. Your message may have inspired me to go ahead and plop down some seeds and get those lights going. I'm sure I'm not the only person thinking of naming some weed after the virus. LOL

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