Now I think I'm an Artist 🤣😂🤣😂

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Sometimes it's nice to unwind and let your mind go blank. I spent much of today preparing spreadsheets and Excel models and at the end of it my brain was fried like Kentucky chicken.

It's not often my brain is that fried that I fancy doing sweet FA for the evening. With two matches on this evening, the men had hogged the family TV. Watching 22 men run around after a ball slapping each other on the arse leaves me gagging for something else to do.

I wacked on a stew for tomorrows dinner. Its Halloween and I have another busy day so getting dinner ready in advance will help. And a stew is awesome reheat food. Its damn cold out and I just know with the day that's in it, making a stew tomorrow would be out the window.

Stew cooking away and the footie was still on. And then I remembered something I had seen this week.

@janton shared a post about rock balancing. Did you see it? Really amazing stuff. If you missed it, you should really check out the post and take a look at some of the amazing photos.

I did leave a comment about how I would like to try it, but wouldn't have the time. @janton joked that I could take it up when I retire. That's years away dude. And I had some time on my hands.

Ok so dont laugh. It was my first attempt. And not rocks but pebbles. It's cold and I dont have rocks handy. I aint freezing my ass of looking for rocks. I wanted to try it then and there. So I grabbed a few pebbles from the rockery and off I went.

Over an hour I spent and damn do I feel chilled after. My mind totally switched off. It was a Zen moment. You really gotta try it.

So without further delay, take a look at my creations.

So one turned out like a penis, another an animal and they are no way near as cool as the pictures shared in @janton post. But I'm glad I did it. For the chill factor alone.

Never seen my self the arty type. But I'm impressed with my own creativity. You should give it a try. And share your efforts 😁

@janton and everyone else, fancy a rock balancing challange??

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  ·  19 days ago (edited)

Lovely, I also occasionally do that. It relaxes me. I wrote a post about rock balancing in the past, here is a video of mine:

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Damn you are good, actually awesome. I wanna get that good 😁

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Not a easy job! I've not tried yet.

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You should try it, take it as a challenge 😁

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@tipu curate 1

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So amazing! It's very hard to keep the balance of the stone!

It was real hard, I need way more practice

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Wow what cool rock stacks @paulag! :-)
@janton has such awesome interesting posts!
International rock stacking day coming up! lol

Feeling very proud of myself 🤗

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Not bad for first attempts!!!

Cheers, it's your turn to try now 😁

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I love them! Hope to see more of your work in the future :)

Next I will have to try rocks

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Howdy paulag! You did it! You dog gone did it and I'm not laughing, I'm impressed. It's so interesting that the total concentration and focus it takes to do this totally relaxed you, or at least your brain, right? That is supercool. Because you can use this like a chill technique anytime you want.

You're such a good writer, and funny too. By the way, what is a "sweet FA" and what is a rockery? Those pebbles you used are really cool looking. Thanks so much for the mention and I'm thrilled that this was beneficial for you to try.

So mine are more rock stacking than rock balancing but hay you gotta start somewhere right.

So a rockery is part if my garden decorated in pretty stones. Sweet FA is rather colourful, FA short for f**k all.

Thanks for your post, you were my inspiration for the week

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Howdy paulag! Ok, Sweet FA is a colorful phrase that I'll remember! lol. You are very welcome and I think some of those stacks were nicely balanced too. In fact, I think you have a gift for it!

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  ·  19 days ago (edited)

very relevant, @bizonacci ooga booga crypto rocks

you are becoming a living meme @paulag

(Interesting that my comment was hidden on steempeak on ur blog! i do like this feature but i didnt know @steempeak could block peoples comments for blog owners preferences thats really cool! too bad u muted me after u dmed me and came at me,and u seem to still have some issue with melol whatever tho, shouldnt have muted me for making a comment u disagreed with. But i do like that @tseempeak has this feature!

sad ur using it on me tho lol whatever tho u probly forgot about it

Ill just make myself known to u by upvoting all ur commentators :D

And I also didn't know muting people hid the comments from other, I dont think I like that. If ur muted, I will unmute when I open my laptop tomorrow.

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its ok but thanks! im sure we can be civil! but it is a cool feature to have the extra control option for steempeak, but its just steempeak i think

Mute you? Huh? I dont use steempeak and I'm not on my laptop, dont know how to check on parkito.

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Verry good miss

Sucks thanks 🤗

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nice! :)

Why thank you kindly Mr @michealb

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will progress to rocks next :)

That's really funny, and there I was thinking I was special with an amazing tallent. Then you show up with that lol

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It is nice to make, until a kid or a pet comes along LOL

😁 I dont plan on it being a permanent fixture, although I could get the kids to try it too

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I think I'm going to take you up on that!

I'm glad you mentioned just how that first one turned out. That was my first thought too, but I was going to be polite. :) I'm sure I've got some rocks around here somewhere.

I look forward to seeing your rocks 😁

Lol you must have a dirty mind, just like me. No one else said anything. Do you think they are all to polite? Now I know I can make one on demand, maybe the need for men is dwindling 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

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Hahahaha! Yes, when I get my stones erected, I will certainly send you a picture! 😂

Now I know I can make one on demand, maybe the need for men is dwindling

I think that's what I'd call a 'menage-a-mois' 😁

Its hard to keep this one clean lol, I look forward to seeing your creation, remember, its stone we want to see balanced not a pocket rocket

Those are great! @janton asked me if I had tried and I said "I don't have the patience" but I sure could use some chill! Thanks for the inspiration.

I didn't think I would have the patients my self

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