Creative Coin Contest Entry - Week 3

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Digital world offers different ways to create images from any photo. Some may be good, some may be not. You never know until you try. Let me show you what Deep Dream Generator can do.

I made few images using different styles provided by the site. But the one that I liked the most and that was liked by the other users is this one.


How did I make it? Let me show you.

First step is to choose some photo. My idea was to start with a flower. And why not with this lovely pink rose.


I thought it would be better to create my own style instead of using the existing. But how? Then I remember the photo of graffiti I took recently.


The colours are not very vivid. I edited with Photoshop Express app and came to this one.


Now all I have to do is to generate new image using my own style. The images created in Deep Dream Generator can be either kept private or shown for public. The other users liked my image and I am pleased with the result too.


Creative Coin Contest is hosted by @isaria


Thank you for visiting.

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Stret name created by @otage

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I do enjoy playing with "art filters," both on different web sites, as well as with the photo editing program on my computer.

You got a very nice result, there!

It is quite interesting what can come up when using different apps or web sites for edits.
Options are limitless.

Thank you very much for viewing and commenting. :-)

Gorgeous, I love what you've made here!

Thank you very much! :-)

A splendid work of art dear Neli. What a gorgeous rose and I also love what you did with your graffiti photo. I haven't used the Photoshop Express app before but I must take a look after seeing what you have created. Good luck with the contest my friend. (U & R )

Thank very much Trudee, I am so happy you like what I have created. It means a lot to me.:-)

💝 🌼 💝