Amateur Mobile Photography Of Art @Kampong Glam #1

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I had recently visited the Malay Village called Kampong Glam in Singapore.

I was amazed by the amount of art around the area and I felt inspired to start a series of post for the photographs that I had taken.

For 29 days, I would post a photograph that I had taken at Kampong Glam and I would try to give my personal reflection of the Art piece that I had taken a picture.

In the Chinese culture, Crane has the meaning of longevity because it can live for a long life span.

By the use of the colour of gold, I would probably interpret it that the artist wanted to illustrate the golden years of longevity.

It is really terrible when one lives for a long life of misery.

Being able to live long would be a blessing when it is a long life of happiness and joy.

The photograph was taken by @nailyourhome at Kampong Glam (Malay Village) in Singapore.

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