Soulmans Dream - Original poetry

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My dreams are

My thoughts are

Sometimes I dream
whilst awake

Other times I dream
whilst asleep

Sometimes I chase them
Other times they chase me

Some are surreal
Others are sure real

All the schemes I've planned
Plan delight
Planned with might
Planned at night

Some are like the rain of tomorrow
They all pour down

Whilst others are like dew in the sun
They shine so bright then they go down by the same

Who can make plan on the
wings of the future
Without the pen of the present

Who can make hay
When the sun doesn't shine

Even though the vision is as clear as the eagles sight

I still can't see past this light
Birthed in the shadow of this night

Lord and father

Take away this fright
Way above this height

This same sky
I will commit

To every word
To every thought
No forfeit

Because this Son will shine
Come rain come sun

Shine, shone to fight
Like a Knight

Plan delight
Planned in light
Planned at day light

As this soul takes flight

Into the moonlight
Shooting for the stars

I go ahead anyway
I dream away anyway

original by @mistakili
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