Let's play "Name that random thing Midlet made!"

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For the most part this is the same technical setup as my last post, but a different shader application. Looking at this, there's a lot I can do with this technique.

The tutorial I made about the snowy mountains did pretty well with now 620 views on Youtube, so I'm thinking about a way to maybe turn this into something a bit more practical and less abstract to make a tutorial about it. People into this tend to like abstract weird stuff anyway, but I think I'll keep experimenting to see if I can make something that catches eyeballs visually.

I think people will definitely be interested in the technical setup because it unlocks a lot of possibilities. The facebook groups I'm in are pretty touchy about people coming in and advertising, that's why I need the tutorial as the trojan horse for Steem lol.

I wish I could just make a contest and say, I'll give $20 to the first person that can recreate this effect, but you have to make a Steem account and a post. Pretty sure I'd get booted for that though.

Anyway, I think the tutorial trojan horse plan is a pretty good one for now. I'm actually thinking now might be a good time to really go in on onboarding people. Before, it was a little like...ehh it didn't really feel like it was ready, but I'm liking the changes after HF21/22. It looks like all the advocates for the EIP were onto something. I was sceptical at first, but I eventually came around to thinking it would be a good idea, although I thought any positive effects would take a lot longer and not be so dramatic, but holy crap, look at how fast things have changed. Lots of whales are curating, downvotes are happening, trending got a facelift, overall #newsteem is in full effect. I hope we build on this momentum and can draw in some more people.

That's about it for now. See you in the next post.

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Someone beat my to Doughnut similarity so I shall call it ' The wholey apparition'.

Haha, very nice :)

There's No Business Like Flow Business


follow me and i follow you we help each other grow i'm new

follow me and i follow you we help each other grow i'm new

This is a bad idea and literally the worst way to get anyone to follow you. Try making something someone wants to look at or just actually reading the post and leaving a comment related to it.

Ooh I like the colour changes in the moving one :D

Why does it need to be practical off the bat, maybe people would like to know just how to do the cool things and maybe do something practical with it on their own ;D

Yea, you might be right, I only thought to make it into something practical for the initial hook, just to get them to want to know how to do it, but the abstract thing is probably cool enough to intrigue people.

I'm naming this one "I want to be a doughnut when I grow up"

Haha, I like it, it's currently in it's embryo state. :p

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The EverLasting Gobbstopper!

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It looks like a patriotic colon. ;) The only color missing is the white.