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RE: Come As You Are

Well, PW, looks like you are getting screwed by the hijinks that goes on here. I lost the taste for Steemit last year after I bought in for around $3/STEEM, just to see it plummet to below a dollar. Before this latest hardfuck, I was at least curating, but even that has gotten depressing AF.

I've read a comment or two, including some from you about how this new negative voting thing is supposed to be healthy, but I just don't see it. You are a prime example. For you to be downvoted on a good post like this to the point of not making anything, defeats the purpose of STEEM...especially because it's done solely for petty vengeance. I made a post the other day and got two downvotes from two accounts that were just made and, apparently, for the sole purpose of downvoting. That's the only activity that shows on their account. In my case, t's not the money thing, as I no longer post enough for that to matter, but it is disappointing to see someone downvote you with no explanation as to why. And even more disappointing when you see that those accounts do nothing BUT downvote everybody...all day, everyday since the account registered. I don't understand that.

It's sad. I don't know how any new users are going to be lured here when that kind of thing goes on unabated and those who do it for no reason can't be eliminated from the site, without having to get into a depressing, pointless and resource wasting pissing war.

In any case, good post. I always enjoy your stuff.

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