Draw a Triangular Lake Between Mountains


Today, one of the creative messages that I want to convey through the creativecoin platform that synergizes with the Steem Blockchain that is risking tribes and tokens.

In this case, I want to say that natural landscapes are natural results that occur by the influence of nature without the element of human intention. but from that creative attitude of human nature will be well preserved and look more beautiful thanks to preservation.

Well, when we talk about landscapes, I as an engraver and connoisseur of art who never get bored of always trying to express beauty with paintings or drawings in art circles. the landscape image that I presented at the beginning of the post that I just completed is simple ink and pencil streaks. looks like a natural mountain landscape separated by a triangle lake. the picture is my inspiration from the many lakes surrounded by mountains in various places, such as fresh sea lakes in Takengon Aceh-Indonesia.

So, some traces of these graffiti I will leave below as a support of what I have done.







Thanks So Much

I leave you a link to my social network if you want to see more of my work: Instagram

Greetings Creative..

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