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Each time you give excuses, you are excusing yourself from God's blessings. Excuses are like bolts. They stiffen ones chances of being great in life. As a man under the divine covenant of this dispensation, you should see excuses as anathema and work our way through hard work, integrity, and purpose.

Where are thou spiritually? I ask this question because some people have seen spirituality as an hindrance to their achievement. Spirituality is a life of positivity. Spirituality does not give room for ignorance. As spiritual soldiers of Christ, try to develop yourselves on the positive note, and avail yourself with every knowledge that can make you grow and advance in this life. That way you are being a good soldier and true son of your father who is an embodiment of all knowledge and wisdom.

Note that A sinner in the right place and a saint in the wrong place are birds of a feather.
Birds of a feather flock together they say but in my wisdom, i add that they flock together in the wrong and opposite direction of life. They timely concentrate on the wrong things and get a wrong result in the end. Do the right things at the right time to spark up appreciable growth that will in the end give you happiness.

Disobedience is an ingredient for deposition from God. Our first parent disobeyed God and they were dethroned from their high estate and even cursed. Disobedience brings setbacks of unimaginable magnitude and i trust that is not what you want. Try to align in obedience with the divine mandate of the Father for your life. Rom 8vs 6

Are you in the position God placed you? This is also very Key to answer. We must understand the place of timing in our lives. A certain tribe in Israel understood time and seasons. It is key to understand the days as this would help us to apply our heart to wisdom.

Nothing comes by accident. Note without any iota of doubt that nothing comes by accident. The spiritual controls d physical and as such, all things are spiritually orchestrated and birth before they take place in the physical.
Align yourself to the one who knows and created the spirit for a perfect will.

Killer Squads: Some peoples' agenda on the planet earth is to destroy the good of other people. As evident in the scriptures, certain Jews bounded themselves together under agreement that they will not eat until they kill Paul. Such things are earthly, and as such we should not be weary of them. For the one who knows tomorrow lives in you will always deliver you.

Let the mind of a champion reside inside of you always. Christ has always given you the overcoming power. All you need to do is to tap into that grace that is already available for you. For you are already a conqueror.

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