A poetry.com story

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A few years back I got curious about poetry.com. It smelled a bit scammy so I submitted the following poem to see how the site would respond:

I sneezed a sneeze into the air
It fell to the ground I know not where
But hard and cold were the looks of those
In who’s vicinity I had snoze

A few weeks later I got a letter raving about how great my poem was and how much talent I had. They were even going to publish my poem in their next book - that I would be able to buy for just $50 (or was it $75?). And then I was invited to their national convention where my poem would be read for the attendees - for only $600 (not including travel costs).

Needless to say I didn’t take them up on any of their offers...

Be careful out there!


Please only use the CreativeCoin Tag for Creative posts.

I would have upvoted this if it wasn't tagged incorrectly, but I can't without giving creative tokens.

Fair enough. I thought it would be of interest to the community to be aware of sites preying on creative people.

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I came across this same situation a few years ago. And even though I was in a different country on the other side of the planet, I was invited to the event.

Odd that creativecoin didn't want to upvote your post here, it is a poem and is about poetry.

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