Creative Coin Has Launched!

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The Creative Coin front-end has launched and we are working on Round 1 of our Airdrop.....Yay!

So here's how it works....

Creative Coin is a tribe for creative Steemians!
When you make a creative post you can either use our front-end or you can use any Steem front-end and just use the tag creativecoin as one of your tags.
If someone with staked Creative Coin upvotes your post you will be rewarded with Creative Coin and Steem.

No need to wait for the Airdrop to can start using the creativecoin tag now!!!

The Creative Coin Airdrop!

With help from @inertia, we created a list of Steemians who have used creative types of tags over the last 3 months. We then subtracted users that were on various blacklists.
After that, I removed anyone with less than 50 SP. My reasoning is that a large percentage of those users are in constant power down, just taking rewards out of the ecosystem, which ultimately does not help the community.
I did not have the time nor the brainpower to manually check 9,000 accounts so if you are a creative Steemian that has less than 50SP and is not in constant power down then please let me know in the comments. I will check your account and add you to the Airdrop.

Our Airdrop will be occurring in phases

Airdrop No.1 will be 1,000 Creative Coin to all members on the list.
We thought it would be nice for everyone to start off on an even playing field.
After a certain amount of time, we will be doing Airdrop No.2.
Steemians who staked Airdrop No.1 will receive the 2nd Airdrop.
Those who dumped will not receive it.

Again, the reasoning is that staking these tribed coins helps the community.
When you stake your coins you can help others by rewarding them with Creative Coin when you upvote them.
Dumping does not help the community.

We will be doing up to 4 or 5 phases of this Airdrop. Members who continue to stake each Airdrop will keep receiving Creative Coin during each next phase.

Also, if you purchase Creative Coin and stake, you may be added to future Airdrops.

Phase one of our Airdrop is currently in progress and may take a bit so we will keep you updated.
Steem Engine is currently experiencing technical difficulties and we are waiting for the dev to fix it. We appreciate your patience while the issue gets sorted out. We will make a post letting everyone know when Phase 1 of the airdrop is complete.

Team Members

Creative Coin team members have started with 10,000 staked Creative Coin for the purposes of curating content with the creativecoin tag!
Team members will not be upvoting themselves with their stake, nor will they be powering down their stake.
The Creative Coin team member goal is to help members of the creative community.
I will make another post talking more about the team at a later date.

Yet Another Discord!

We created the Creative Coin Discord to help keep this as organized as possible.
If you have any questions just hop in and ask away!


Finally, big thanks to @derangedvisions who is part of the creative coin team and made these awesome graphics!
Wes also helped set up the Discord and has been with us from the beginning of this project helping us to bring it to fruition.

Also, more thanks to @clayboyn for creating our whitepaper. I could not have done this without his help.

And thanks to everyone who will be staking creative coin and helping members of the creative community!


I got so many airdrops in last 2 weeks. But not this one. Is there any reason for it???
I love to work on this

Sounds great, hope I made the list!

Yay! Thank you :-)

This is all so awesome — I really hope this initiative inspires more high-quality, creative content. ⭐️ You guys rock!! 🙌🏼

Though my creative contributions to this platform are, I’m sure, not in doubt, I fear I may’ve missed this airdrop due to my embarrassingly lengthy absence from posting. 😭 I see the second round will go to those who receive part of the first, but...if we missed this round, will we have other opportunities?

Love you, Isa. 💜

I made sure you were on the list Zippers!
Love ya!❤️

IIIIIIIIIIIsaaaaaa!!! 💜😭💜 You’re the sweetest — always lookin’ out for me. THANK YOOOUUU!! 😘🤗💕

You're welcome!!!💞

Finally the wait is over! Im not sure if Im on the list. But Im a creative steemian , I got more 50 SP and not powering down. I think I might. I hope so...
I have started to use the front -end ! Really cool ! This is what the artist community on steem needed. Thumbs up !

You are on the list. We are working on the airdrop now :)

Thanks for the heads up isaria. Can users start using the tag now? Or do we have to wait until airdrop is ended? Regards!

No need to wait for the airdrop to can start using the creativecoin tag now!
And thanks for asking, I edited the post to make that more clear.

Yay! I hope I'm on the airdrop list.

You are on the list! :)

I’m honoured! (And excited)

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Awesome! I don’t think I have used creative as a tag, but I am working on my PhD in creativity (for reals!). And I am a member of PowerhouseHouseCreatives! My specialty area is transformative storytelling. So, I may be chatting with you (on discord) a bit on how to fit all the artistic pursuits and creative thinking under your umbrella! 😁. You may have figured it out already!

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You are on the list for the airdrop!
Looking forward to speaking with you in Discord!
The creative coin umbrella is quite large lol. We will be accepting any and all forms of creativity for this initiative.

Ahh! Perfecto! 😘

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This is a great initiative..

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Thanks Wendy!

Solid. Solid. Solid. 👍🦄💪
Excited to see this build.

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I want to be on the list @Isaria...

I Hope to make the List also

Hello @isaria, hope I made the airdrop list.

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I am a creative and constant Steemian! But because of my little SP, I didn't get any airdrop. Now, I am buying CCC tokens and staked 2900 already because I am want to be a creative contributor on this platform. I have also staked more than 7700 PALs in my account. Please consider airdropping for me. That would be appreciated. Many Thanks!

That's great that you bought 2900 yay! Your account is pretty new so you are one of the exceptions to the 50 SP rule thingy. The airdrop didn't even go through yet because the system keeps crashing so I'll just add you to the airdrop list.

Thanks for adding me to the list.
Now, I am buying more CCC tokens being over 3900 CCC.
I don't understand why people are dumping CCC because I think there are plenty of applications we can do in this creative platform. It would be fun and we could make a great value in many aspects. That is what I expect. I just hope that I could be creative enough to contribute to this platform in any sense. :D

Congrats on the launch, I was wondering when a creative/art tribe would be launched, I knew it was only a matter of time, the community needed it! Wishing you guys all the best!

Just double checking that I made the airdrop list @isaria?

Also, I made my first post on, which is a fun promotional poem about creative coin. Not my usual style as I write more serious poetry usually, but it was nice to get into the 'end of line rhyme' mindset and write something upbeat ;-)

Thank you to you Isaria and everyone on the Creative Coin team! I'm glad you all are getting it out there. You have worked hard, and in the middle of some chaos at that! Hopefully I made the airdrop list too

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Hello @isaria Glad to hear that new tribe is launched i made a post on steemhunt about Creative coin but i mistype the tag, unfortunately, it is not showing in creative tribe now :D

Sound really great! Nice community.

I have more than 50 SP and keep increasing my share on steem.

Great!I hope I'm on the list.

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Could you please add me in the airdrop list? Thanks a lot!

i hope i am on the first list too :D - congrats for the new project, i am sure this will be better.

Yes, you are on the list :)

Brilliant, I was wondering what that new coin in my wallet was. I am honored to be added to the list. and have staked straight away. I really think bringing more creatives to the Steem blockchain can give it a new lease of life.

I have staked 1000 CCC!

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Awesome news!

I don't expect to be on the list for the airdrop, as I quit / paused my last film project half a year ago. I promise to come back in full ( filmmaking ) force though and - at the same time - aim to focus even more on helping out fellow creatives and sharing their stories ( probably in both video, audio and text )

Congratz on the launch!

P.S. Is there any way I can get my hand on some CCC outside of the airdrop? Can't find them on the market yet ( if I got to Steem-Engine )

Um abraco desde Portugal :>)

Sure do hope that I made the list!!! Great project!

Hi, @isaria!

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Can I include the list?

Thank for posting message.
To get airdrop CreativeCoin, which things do I creat? Explain me about 3 points...

You are on the list for the airdrop. Just use the tag creativecoin on any creative type post: music, art photography, poetry, writing, etc.

@isaria can you tell me whether I'm on the list or not?

I just purchased 1k CCC tokens and staked to my alt account.

More goodies for creatives on the blockchain! Kudos to all

Any reason I wasn't on the airdrop list? I'm really active and have SP more than 10k, also use ntopaz tag for various creative contests. Please check my account please. Thank you.

I want CCC airdrop ,thank you.

Awesome! I love the part that people don't receive coins when they're powering down or dumping the coins! This helps the community for sure! Love seeing stuff like this on #newsteem! Let's go, guys!

This is a pretty awesome one too! Are there guidelines as to what qualifies for the creativecoin tag? Do I need to be an artist to participate successfully? :P

Was there an air drop?

Steem Engine apparently hates us and is not allowing us to complete this airdrop.....2nd night in a row!😬
It just keeps crashing. The dev helped earlier tonight and we got it going again.....then it crashed again. So, as of now, some people have received the airdrop, but most haven't. Hopefully, the dev can fix the issue tomorrow.

NoNamesLeftToUse - No Touchy.png

Somebody must have pushed that button.

Wow, this is great! @raj808 mentioned the creativecoin yesterday, until then I didn't know about it.. this morning I looked in my steem-engine wallet to find those tokens.. that's awesome! I staked the 1000 tokens, and I'm excited to start doing some creative things again haha.. I will write a post to let others know about the coin as well and refer to this post ;) I'm sure more people didn't notice this coin yet.. so let's get the word out!

The Creative Coin Airdrop!
With help from @inertia, we created a list of Steemians who have used creative types of tags over the last 3 months. We then subtracted users that were on various blacklists.
After that, I removed anyone with less than 50 SP. My reasoning is that a large percentage of those users are in constant power down, just taking rewards out of the ecosystem, which ultimately does not help the community.
I did not have the time nor the brainpower to manually check 9,000 accounts so if you are a creative Steemian that has less than 50SP and is not in constant power down then please let me know in the comments. I will check your account and add you to the Airdrop.

Can you check my account and add me to the airdrop whitelist ? @isaria

Very interesting - finally a potential place for all my music tags around electronic music and more as well as photogrpahy challenges such as #sunthursday #beachwednesday. Hope I will be on a list here @isaria - good luck everyone here!

Hello, I would like to plead my case as to why I should be included in your airdrop of creative coin. I have been very active in the art community for the past year making life-size Chad Kroeger mannequins at all the different hairstyle levels. I have not posted them on steem out of fear of ridicule but will provide photo evidence if requested. I understand that the drop is having issues and assume I am already on the list, but if not I would be willing to trade one of my custom life-size Chad Kroeger mannequins (ramen noodle hair edition) for the value of $499 worth of creative coin.

This Tribe is so needed on Steemit, thank you and everyone involved for creating it and I am really excited for what is to come xxx

@isaria very nice explanation , I have just posted my first post with tag creative tag, looking forward to do more and Interested in joining the project as curator. Whitelist member of thealliance, smartsteem, indiaunited, minnowboster etc

Thank you for such a fantastic idea!

Here's wishing you all the best. ^__^


I love this initiative and hopefully I'm included in the airdrop, @isaria. Congratulations on this major milestone!

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Let's wish us all some great success! Thank you for your initiative!

Awesome to see and read, watch as well as listen! I seem not to be on the list however would love to contribute mainly here with my #musicworld series and some other music related content simply based on my name @isaria - looking forward to the success of this tribe!

Hi @isaria hope you will be fine
please also check my account. I am patiently waiting for it.

I just hope I make the drop list 😜😉
Off to Steem Engine 🐳

Hola! amiga me gustaría entrar en la lista! :D

Hi @isaria I did not recieve the 1st airdrop. Been very busy these days working on my country property and trying to keep track on this very busy blockchain and ScotBot Tribes, but as you know I am creative and would love to be part of your Creative Coin Tribe . Please add me to your airdrop! Thank You!! I am an active Steemian , here for the long haul and all ready have 7 Tribe Tokens 100% Staked as an investment for 4 years so I can retire early! I will be Staking the CCC Tokens 100%! 😎👍👍👍Upped 100% and resteemed!

This sounds like a nice idea, will be reading the papers asap but the origin tells me much about it’s goal so there it goes my best wishes.
Although my persistent lack of time it’s heavy weight I’ll try to put my bit.

I just became active on steemit again recently. Did I make the list? I'll be making a lot more videos going forward if those fit the category.

I don't post a lot of creative content, but I love that this community exists..

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Does photography and creative alterations of photography count? I'm wondering if I'm on the list for the air drop. I haven't got any coins yet but hopeful that I will.

A beautiful tribe for all creative creators. Good to see it coming to live. I am a creative steemian but am not sure my name made it to the list and i would appreciate it if my doubts were wrong.
Nevertheless, congratulations isa, shane, wes, clay and inertia....🥂🥂🥂

Hi, I'm trying to be an active Steemian and I hope I'm also on Airdrop. It's nice to support creativity and activity.

I powered up all the token given to me, but it doesn't make any changes to the post, why please?

Congratulations! This is a big achievement!

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