A Plethora of Strange Cats

in creativecoin •  23 days ago 

My cats told me that they wanted to see a bunch of weird cat pics so I went down a cat rabbit hole on Artbreeder.
This series is a progression from relatively normal to outright strange and comes complete with individual odd names that my cats provided for your entertainment!

Mr. Pinky

Fluffs Mcgoo

Mr. Frownypants

Mr. Poofy Mcflooferton

Rudolph McCat

Pupper Cat

Lynxy McSphynxy

Mr. Eyeballbutt


Fishy Mcfishcat

Mr. Owlycat

Creepy McCreeperton

Mr. Antler McDeercat

Ghosty McSpectercat


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would you say i have a plethora of different types of sounds to make @isaria ?

@tipu curate

Thank you!

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woooo who would say If they are quite strange. But I loved them.
I would finally adopt any of the species you created.
hehehe you have a special touch.

Wow, hahaha, now those are some very Deranged looking cats just in time for Halloween! thanks for sharing. 🐱💁❤

That is really weird collection of of pictures but also fitting to the Halloween holiday too :)

Love playing around with art filters! Those are some pretty spooktacular "hybrids" you have come up with there... some of those last few are outright bizarre, but certainly a fitting feline Halloween tribute!