Y Fferm Wen, Machynlleth. Visited 2019

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I enjoyed this one, more so than normal as it was a complete surprise.
I was on my way to look at the mid Wales mills when I got stuck behind a couple of bloody caravans, thinking “if only I had passed them earlier’ glad I didn’t as we hit a traffic jam due to roadworks, I hate going slow at the best of times. But HELLO! I spied over a hedge just the top of this old cottage, an old 5 bar gate and an overgrown drive.
BINGO, took the next turning, parked up walked back about 1/2 mile, over the gate, through some nettles joy of joys!
Hmmm I thought to good to be true, the black door was ajar, surely not this easy.
So just brazenly walked in, called out no reply. It was pretty obvious moving through the farm that it had been long left to rot.
I have no history on the place nor previous inhabitants, it’s one of those places wher the photographs will do the talking. From what looks like cleanish dusters to sad old funeral memories from 1932; the memories are captured





How incredible are these photographs. Each photo can be used to try to invent the stories of the inhabitants of this cabin. An almanac of the year 1959, why? Memories of old photos, old shoes, and even signs of 2014 ... this is really fascinating. I liked your find. Regards @grindle

Thank you @marcybetancourt, I do love these old cottages like you say so many memories and history, I always try to imagine being there with these people, that’s part of the adventure

With your photographs you show the abandonment of this house, it is good to discover the history that it contains, because in some of the photos there is a couple, an almanac from 1958, there are also things from 2014, everything looks interesting to find out who this house belongs to and why they left it alone. I congratulate you on your discovery. Greetings

Thank you for your kind words. I shall continue to upload my finds, I hope you enjoy

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If this was anywhere else but deepest Wales it would be trashed. Stuff from the 70's is rare, nice find!

Yes I love these surprise finds

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