Unexpected grot at the garden centre. February 2020

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Out and about yesterday when I found this little place, hadn’t got a clue what it was; but when you see an overgrown 5 bar gate with a “keep out” sign, well! I mean it’s always worth a mooch.

I thought it was going to be boring, greenhouses and poly tunnels aren’t the most exciting of things to photograph.

Came across a couple of static mobile homes on site, and that’s what makes UE so enjoyable.

I’m not one for sterile environments or “estate agent’ type properties; give me grot any day of the week.

Who stockpiles tinned grapefruit and pickled onions? Mr. Maddison? He seems to have been resident here in the early 2000’s.

The garden centre was operated by the local county council, it closed in 2012, due to financial cut backs thus putting 8 full time employees out of work and 21 individuals with mental illness who attended the centre for therapeutic sessions with nature with nowhere to go.

Enjoy the visit!






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Lots of Onions in there, ever been tempted to take a bite?

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