Ceulan Mill, mid Wales. Visited 2019

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So this is the second mill in the same village as Leri Mill. Have to say access was a lot easier this time, though on terra firma it was a hack and slash job by through overgrown bushes shrubs and brambles and a bit of a climb through an exposed window.

It was built in 1847 and produced cloth and flannel mainly for shirts for farmers and coal miners throughout the locality and further afield, alas production and profits suffered during WW1 and ultimately it was unable to compete with the larger factories that were significantly bigger and more efficient.<

It struggled on finally closing in 1962. A number of years ago the current owner tried to pass the property and machinery to the National Trust for preservation but as he was unable to provide some of the funding to restore/repair the mill they became disinterested<

So now it’s rotting away, across 3 levels, amazing how sturdy the floors are holding such weight of equipment.

Scattered educational books perhaps the employees were trying to better themselves?

The yarn, how does it keep its colour 50 years on. Amazing





I starting to think that Wales is the mecca for such places. I have access to many mills but they are mostly empty and devoid of the old machinery.

Do people not infiltrate them in deepest wales, or are they so hidden away in the outback that they are genuinely forgotten about?

Leri mill is well hidden and difficult to get to, ceulan is just off the main road through the village
Both have been on the radar quite awhile in the community tbh.but exact locations kept secret, could you imagine goontubers getting in these places !

could you imagine goontubers getting in these places

Most of them give too much away in their videos. Climbing in and surrounding areas etc.., better keeping this info to yourself.. there's a load of old relics in there.

@goblinknackers would love these kinds of places, he's an infrequent poster and my bodyguard against the crackheads when we do more Bradford... the city of needles.

@goblinknackers nice handle pmsl. I shall follow him. I’ve done some drug dens, I shall have to upload !

@slobberchops never fails to give my home town a bad rep, .. it's not all needles and smashed up buildings.. some great pictures @grindle.

Cheers @goblinknackers must be honest the only bit of Bradford I know, is laisterdyke. I used to visit there for work purposes

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These places are amazing.

And it is also amazing that they haven't been trashed, as @slobberchops suggests.

We must be an honest bunch here in Wales 😀

Cymru am Byth !

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