New Guide for a New Year

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Authenic - Mermaid - Me

Photo By Me

As I have stated previously, life has been a bit rough these past few months. I have struggled to stay on top of my emotions, and keep my self out of a dark funk.

I painted a few weeks ago, to try to get out some of the turmoil and chaos I have been struggling with.

Photo By Me

This painting was bright and muddy, which perfectly depicts me. I am a bright mess :). I am a bright shining star, in a bog incapable of keeping me up.

I wanted to paint another guide for this new year, I have been very much been in love with mermaids and the beauty of their folklore. I decided my guide for the year is my beautiful temptress Mermaid.

Photo By Me

I drew her out on my giant canvas and started to paint the outline of her gorgeous body.

Photo By Me

I got her body based out, and started in on the detail

Photo By Me

Carefully filling in all the areas I wanted to shine, brought more detail the more I got going, making sure I stayed within the color scheme of my original painting.


I ended my painting with some metallic paint to bring some depth and texture onto her body.

I turned off my brain and just painted for hours! I needed to have this release of energy! I have been doing a lot better these last few weeks, working out, painting, journaling, writing out gratitudes, and have a tattoo booked to add another gorgeous mermaid to my life. I can't wait to get this huge piece added to my body!

I am so grateful for finding painting and having a healthy outlet to work through all my emotions.

I have spent some time in the hospital the last few days trying to figure out what some major pain I have been having is. No consensus, other than a kidney stone chillin in my left kidney, a bladder infection, and a cyst on my ovary...alll on my left side (my pain is on the right) sooo, really no answers but some information to help me in the long run.

I appreciate those of you that have reached out to @derangedvisions to check on me and give me well wishes! I sure appreciate it, I feel like the funk is slowly lifting and am hoping to have more content to share more often.



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Glad yer out of the hospital now. The mermaid face looks so much like the Disney princess. I would love to see how the tattoo come out:)))

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