Scary, Ugly and Nasty Zombies Coloring Book - Original Artwork

in #creativecoinlast year

Designed another coloring book, this time with Zombies! This book has over 20 unique illustrations of scary and ugly zombies. These zombies are similar looking to zombies you would see on popular TV shows and movies such as The Walking Dead, Zombie Land, and World War Z. So if you like horror movies and zombies or know anyone that does, this is the book for you :)

Above is the front cover and below is the back and front cover.

Below are a few sample pages from the book.

The book is currently available for sale on Amazon

Thanks for checking out my artwork! :)

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@foxyspirit this is right up your street!

Awesome artwork DKS!

Oooh, yeah, I bet she would like this one!

OOOOH IT IS!!!! I'm loving this! Thanks for tagging me ^_^

I really like what you have created! I can say that there isn't enough of these type of coloring books. Thank you for being one of those people that feed us with great art!

Thanks, glad you like it! :)

This is so cool. I guess you'd only need green, brown and red pencils to colour it in :P - unless you were going to do a rainbow zombie.

I am a huge zombie fan, believe it or not.

Thanks! :)

This is awesome! And ordered! Wish I saw it yesterday; it'd make a perfect birthday gift for tomorrow.


Awesome, thanks! :)

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