"From Paris to Berlin"

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Last year was not a big year for lightpainting meetings, as community fell apart in fall 2018.
As no one has really taken up the torch, I decided to take a step back for a while and focus on my own path.

I always took opportunities to travel and visit cool lightpainters everytime it was possible. Sometimes it didn't click, sometimes the connexion was instantanous and strong. The bound I developped with @mafufuma is of that kind.

Last december, I drove to Den Haag to visit @oddballgraphics. After a quick trip here, we drove to Berlin and stayed three nights (yeah, lightpainters count in nights, not days^^) at his huge studio. It's always a pleasure to stay there because you have all the space and time needed, you can meet other artists and collaborate, chill and discuss with folks.

On friday, as soon as I got up, I looked for Mafu with a idea on my mind : mixing our styles, right here, right now! Fortunaly, he had the same idea at the same time. Suprisingly, it was sometihng we've had never done before.
Here are the first shots. A bit messy but we can see clearly the direction.

529s 21mm f/8 200 ISO

479s 21mm f/8 200 ISO

Lightpainting created in real time, captured to the camera in one single photographic frame.

No layers /no Photoshop / no editing exept minor adjustments (lens correction profite, WB, contrast (+12)) and addition of my logo.

Gear :
Sony A7R body
Zeiss Loxia 21mm f/2.8 lens

Dec 2019

If you want to see more lightpainting pictures, check "Lightpainters United" @lightpaintershub

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