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Hey Fam. Sorry for being MIA. A LOT has gone down in the last few. But let’s focus on what’s new. This is just a brief, “hey I’m still here” for now. I’ll be back with pics n better updates later. But yea, for now, what’s new.

I’ve gotten into fiber arts, mostly as a way to chill my mind while juggling the chaos. But I’m loving it. In the last couple weeks I’ve actually made quite a few things, some wall art, some hats, scarves... I’m working on learning to crochet so I can get into amigurumi... and I’ve been live streaming on twitch more regularly ( It’s been goin. Laying low, learning something new.

I’m back in the US visiting family for a few weeks, and then I’ll be heading home to Spain to break in my awesome new studio. So yea, keep an eye out for more art n music on the horizon.

Anyway, I can’t give a timeline, I’m tryin to take it easy for the moment, but I’ll be back on steem soon.

So yea...

Stay Tuned
There is More to Come

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Glad you are still around, I am staying tuned :) amigurumi is super cool, good luck learning!

Thanks. Yea I'm looking forward to all the things. I cant wait to make a sentient broccoli ^_^

Welcome back. What part of the US are you visiting? Im in Southern California, right just a few exits away from the Mexico border.

Ah nice. Im wandering through South Florida and then up to New York for a bit before heading back to Spain.

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Amigurumi always looks fun 😊

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