Another Song. With Piano! Ooooooh, You Gotta Click This With All Your Might

in creativecoin •  2 months ago 

Hey guys :3
Been a little longer than I'm comfortable with...but it's been quite a week. I found out I was off of work today and so, I woke up nice and early and focused on this for a few hours. It was really fun to record because I was finally able to add an element that I've wanted to add for a long time: Piano!
Use earphones or else!

The song is my second draft of Sleepy. I posted it a few weeks ago. I think it's coming along swimingly~
I did my best to tinker with the tracks and make it so it doesn't sound like too much is going on. Give your thoughts!
Is it too much? Sound good? Any critiques?

I hope everyone's weekend is as relaxing and productive as mine has been!
We just experience a pretty special new moon the other night.
So I hope you're all safe out there. Remember to invoke your inner Bob Ross.

See you soon~
~ C.K.M.

A huge to thank you to everyone who shows support.
Especially @fulltimegeek <3
It isn't letting me scroll down below 2 days ago for some reason :L
I'll show some love just as soon as the blockchain gets it's shit together.

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