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Hello Steemians and creative people,

See my entry to the We Draw The Letters Contest of @ran.koree

If you want to join here is the contest link do check it out and have fun creating

The letter for this week is N. My drawing is my interpretation of a nightmare and the letter N with its enormous size is the one that gives me that nightmare vibe plus the long shadows it casts.

Here is how I made my drawing
I always start with the background colors and when I kind of like what I see I then scribble randomly the letter. If I didn't get the shape right it may be a challenge to move forward
Using the eraser brush I then created straight lines on my canvass to form the letter N.
For this piece I used straight lines to draw and shade the letter which is another fun way to create. Unlike my previous entries I had to draw each individual elements from scratch. The last thing I did is fill the blank spaces with details like clouds and a tree and some grass on the ground.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoyed reading my post.

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