Beautiful Day with Lemon

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beautiful day and beautiful flowers to harvest

Hellow Steemit Fellows😉

Already Tuesday afternoon here in Indonesia, Southeast Asia. No more blackout but some people felt unsatisfied on the compensation for the affected users by the National Electricity Company, while They always got the power cut off without compensation but Apologize only. I have no opinion about it.

I saw Lemon enjoyed his nap

I know how to wake him up😂 I found weed around my Hubby's project. Lemon loves to chew the roots of that plant. I don't know why. But it worked!

he opens his mouth so big for a tiny root😁

I put the plants near him and left him for a while to make coffee for my hubby. When I came back to Lemon, he was so afraid that I'd taken his favourite's snack😂

don't touch, it's mine!

It's just fun to tease Lemon😂 He's a bit obsessive to the weed. I remember few days ago while I spent my time harvesting the blue flowers so I can dried it to make blue tea later. He came with a withered weed and shows it to me. He was rolling over the grass and pebbles enjoying his snack😁.

I wonder why he loves that root so much😯

All I know, Lemon is acting so agressive after chewing his snack eagerly. He tries many times to bite my toes😂 maybe he's just nervous that I'll take his snack away.

*I wish I could tell the words to Lemon, but he's only a cat that I adopted from a street a year ago

It's always a beautiful day when you can enjoy your ordinary days with something or someone you love. Being grateful for whatever you have and the moment of present. I wish you have a beautiful day too.

Thanks for stopping by🐹🐈🐱

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That lion looks exactly as our cat 😀

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The ginger cats are everywhere and so loveable .. it really knows how to have fun 😁 did your cat catch the mouse too?

Just now he is inside Some Days because of he just move to us. So no rats so far

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But soon he'll start giving you some gifts like fish, frogs, birds, house lizards... whatever he finds outside or inside the house😂😂 my little lion loves to play at the mosque in front of our house, but since there're a lot of goats for the upcoming Eid Adha, he plays in the garden only.

Very pretty flowers and Zi like your story.

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okay, I'll admit, I can sometimes be a sucker for cute cats. Lemon qualifies.

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Thank you @shadowspub 😉

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Thank you


Thanks 😉

He loves you! Kitties nip as a sign of love and of course bring you presents. Thankfully it was just a weed. The flowers are beautiful. I bet the tea tastes as good as they look.


He brings me a mouse this morning😂 what a lovely present😆 the taste of the tea is bland as other tea from flower @tryskele .. but when I add lemon and honey it turn to purple and fresh.
People use the flower for eye-sore too.. but I never try it.

A purple tea, I could go for that. Aww see your Lemon loves you. I wouldn't want to put him in my tea though 😜

  ·  16 days ago (edited)

😂😂😂 well.. not that Lemon😉 I have a special Lemon Juice for my tea.. My cat is not juicy t