Latest Spooktacular Coloring "The Beauty of Horror" Tricks and Treats Edition

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This is a pretty cool book like all Alan Robert's books. It's also a mini/ portable one and you can find it on Amazon. He hides objects in his drawings. Like candies, gummy bears, etc.. As you can see this hard candy on your left doesn't appreciate the entrapment of the bones of unlucky #13. So I took some rudimentary creative liberties- i.e. he wants out! Can you help him? :p
I used colored pencils, fineliners, markers, and gel pens. I am also working on refurbishing a painting that became meaningless to me due to some recent betrayal in my life. Anything you all working on? As always love to hear from you all.

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You amaze me with your creativity and the way you interact with the coloring book, I am always curious to see your personal touch. I really hope you can land an Inktober drawing or two this month, I love the ones you did last year!

Thank you! I just realized it is INKTOBER... totally participating!

I love seeign your colorful art Have a great day