In The Land Beyond Beyond : An @xpilar & @mariannewest Freewrite.

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Source : @xpilar
Who thought of this so well
Far, far, far from home
Who could have imagined this realm
Far, far beyond the reach of men
I looked till I have a itchy-neck
Quantum world, time dilations at it's best.
The fifth dimension is now clear
Man could see his fellows intent
Bad thoughts now has a pungent smell
To every good mind lies as sweet perfume
The happy heart ring a bell
Sad emotions are dark as hell
Only new born came pure
Bright as diamond, priceless as gold
For all mankind have a devil in there hearts.
New world it's said, welcome in
Discovered far beyond the earth orbit
Galaxy 895, western part of the star Orion
A world with perfect earth similarity
Except for some underground monsters
Parading the night for strollers
Eating men's flesh as nothing
Still the planet looks worth living.
An entry into @xpilar writing challenge & @mariannewest everyday Freewrite.


thanks for your thoughts and description @botefarm

My goodness you sure took an itchy neck to another universe! Underground monsters parading the night for stollers?! I'll stay here thank you. Cool freewrite.

I'm here to deliver the Tuesday prompt so please write us another!

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