WIP - Shiki Miki

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I haven't drawn I a while 😱 so here's a sort of preview I made for Miki, Akane's second child (still have to finish Hiromi's portrait, lmao)

Her actual portrait will feature Miki with her eyes open and actual colors, this is just a grayscale I applied an overlay on. I just wanted to do something and this was the first thing that popped up :P


Grayscale with overlay applied works well, I like how the shirt turned out XP

What have you been up to?

Thanks. I was just messing around, so final ver. Probably will be totally different XDu

I have been tired. January is basically taxes month, lol. So I was busy going to different offices to pay, then I had to renew my medical certificate, etc. But it's over, thankfully.

Eww taxes is exhausting x_x

What complicated taxes are you doing that requires going to different offices to pay? D: even when I had my business (and before I started using an accountant) it was just one form (or maybe a bunch of connected forms, it's done online so I'm not sure and was too busy screaming about the taxes to attend to how the forms were composed).

Yay for it being over!

That's the point, it's not online here. 😅 We have to go to the correspondient offices with the last payment print, and pay the taxes due at the beginning of the year.