Rework - Noya II

in #creativecoinlast year


Now, after a few details like symmetry, the hairlime, etc. Has been taken care of. This is the actual sketch I'll be using as foundation for the final drawing.

I got carried away and started coloring- I wanted a more detailed preview of the hair, and see if it went well with the skin tone. XD

Decided to change Noya's button-up shirt for a baseball jacket instead (the red is not the actual color, I just needed a color that stood out when sketching, so I didnt forget). I quite like it better :P


Baseball jacket makes sense for casual wear right? XD

I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only person that likes making unnecessary work for themselves by having different outfits for characters

Yep, they do xD

Nope, you're not the only one. Although, I have less experience with clothes as I could never finish drawings before the end of last year