Rework - Mitsuri Kanroji

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I’m back to my regular work schedule, thus I’ve been occupied trying to fall into routine again.

Today I am too tired to keep working on my speedpaint, but I decided to do something anyway. As long as I can work at least one work a day to further my progress, anything is acceptable.

Going through my files, I found this one and recalled I was reworking on it. Thus I opened it and got started.

After Noya’s portrait, I decided to tweak my style a bit and now I’m drawing smaller eyes, and trying to give more shape to heads as well. Naturally, I implemented these changes on Mitsuri’s drawing for consistency’s sake. As result, the feeling is way different.

Something that drove me nuts about this drawing was Mitsuri’s hair. In fact, I got so mad that I dropped it before, lmao. But I’ve finally found an acceptable enough way to draw her hairstyle in my eyes.

You can see the changes between this version and the two previous ones here: First version, Second version.


Great improvements, keep refining your style.

Thank you ☺️

I really love the simple fine lines you used to create this piece. It adds beauty to the work.

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Noticable improvement (especially on the first version). And next month you'll probably be better again and it will be a constant frustration til you plateau XD Seriously it looks greatn and glad you're finally happy with the hairstyle. Hair can be hard!

"Next month you will be better" sjsgsjs riri why do you jinx me like this 😂

Sorry, speaking from experience ^_^;