My Oil Painting, Inner Peace , Finished

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Oil On Canvas

oil painting ,inner peace

it is a joy when an oil painting gets the final touches of brushes ,like i can take a breath when an oil painting is finished
i have some unfinished works that i plan to work on them as well .
this one called Inner peace ,

the balance of our soul which can help us to improve the quality of our life

the old man representing LIFE and years ..
foggy weather , who knows what will we face in the next day ,moment, or year







working on his face with oil colors

here is the process of working on his face with a small brush ,and oil colors

oiladele (1).png

oiladele (2).png

oiladele (3).png

oiladele (4).png

Thanks & have a great day !

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What is MakersPlace?

Screenshot (88).png



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thank you so much <3

Beautiful work finished friend, but my view failed me XD

I love the contrast and different tones in addition to the aura of mystery that your painting has.


thank you Dear Carmen <3 xxxxx

You're welcome, my friend.

That is one awesome painting.. pressed follow :)

thank you Anouk.nox <3 :)


thank you so much :)

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thank you very much <3

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thank you so much i appreciate <3

Great work!

thank you : )

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