Say Goodbye to Klein Waldberg

in #creative2 years ago

Today is a sad day, I had to say goodbye to my little town "Klein Waldberg"


So, what happened?
First... There was this huge earthquake which teared the world of Klein Waldberg apart...


Ok, not exactly.
Actually Covid19 happened and I am working from home since March.
Which would be ok. But now, my wife started to work from home as well and our home office started to get a bit tight.
After all, about 5m² of space in the room was occupied by Klein Waldberg.

For marital peace we decided to reorganize this room to a adequate office for two.

Which means, getting rid of my railway project I spend 2 years on building :(


So I started to disconnect about 50 wires and connections to be able to split the whole thing into two pieces.

Yet it was heavy as hell...


Luckily my parents have a big dry and mostly empty basement where I am able to rebuild my project.
Although it's not as convenient any more as to have at home and beeing able to casually work on it.


I am currently not even sure if I am going to stick with the squared layout since a U-shaped is much more convenient in terms of transport and accessibility.

After all, my parents are rather happy that I will visit them more often now...

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