Project model railway - cleaning in action

in #creative3 years ago

Dust is the enemy. Dust is taking over Klein Waldberg. Dust is everywhere.
Time to strike back!

So I got myself one of those PC cleaning sets. Which actually is just a flexible tube (which smells like burning tires to be honest) and some little brushes.
Luckily it cam with an adapter for our Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Put everything together and went full rampage...

So I visited the lumber jacks...

Chased some weirdos on their bike...

Not even the rabbits were save from my incredible sucking abilities... Ok... This sounds so wrong...

One last round on the way to the train station....

Unfortunately it was not without casualties. Bob from the construction site wasn't quick enough. Going to send a rescue team asap...

After all, mission accomplished. Dust more or less removed.
See you next time little buddies. Stay safe. Stay healthy.


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