Feudal Kingdoms - Christmas Update

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It has been a busy year for all of us, but yet, it is time for an update on our grand strategy game Feudal Kingdoms



First things first: we released an early version of Fedual Kingdoms on Steam a few weeks ago and let the first testers into our game.
Those testers already provided valuable feedback which we are currently working on.

Our open test phase had to be postponed a little bit due to Covid reasons, but whishlisting us is very welcome...

Feudal Kingdoms on Steam

Furthermore we are completed the implementation of TRADING


And our AGENTS are ready to lead, negotiate or infiltrate on your command:


And the last but maybe biggest highlight are the REALTIME BATTLES


Our realtime battles will be a mixture of classic real time battles like in Total War and simplified unit management like a classic chess game but yet with enough depth provided by various unit types and equipment.


The Way Ahead

Some features are still in the making for our public beta but mostly bug fixes are on our todo list.
In the meantime we started to set up a WIKI for our newcomers and testers as we do not provide a ingame tutorial yet.
You may want to take a look to learn more about the various game mechanics.

Last but not least, if you're interested in the closed alpha, NOW is the bast chance to get a key by supporting us on the current INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN

In The Meantime Visit Us On Our Other Social Media Channels
Blood And Pixels Website
Feudal Kingdoms on Steam

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