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Hey everyone,

Just so you know this 24 hour limit really means the next day I check my post. If I miss a day or two I will still come back to pick winners :).

For today I want something personally made by you. It can be anything. A drawing, a letter, a painting, a sculpture. It can be a sign that says hi or a selfie with a smile. Whatever you want but it has to be made by you with a personal touch.

That's all.

I will pick three winners and a few runner-ups


Well I rolled this cigarette myself! :D 20181101_204650.jpg

WINNER because it made me laugh.

Thank you sir!

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Thanks for this mini contest I really enjoy it!

October has finished already but I made this cover for my inktober drawings. :)

It is based on this video XD

You know for "it's that time of the year again guys"

If you don't know, now you know xd but my blog is dedicate to my drawings :3c

Really? Thank you!

I'm glad you like my silly cover xd




image (20).jpg

image (21).jpg

I made this snowman for a competition at my daughter's school for the New Year.

this was made by me.... you can send a photo of you, i will be so glad to cartoonizeninodi win2e.jpg

Some of the popular words you will come across on steem


These are the cut-outs I made for our event. Minnie and Mickey Mouse printed and glued to a styro... Difficult but worth it :)


one of my works done today mickey mouse for a child who celebrates his three years of life @whatageek
fran - copia.jpg



Although I am not a great craftsman. I made a machine from gypsum myself, for my son


SIMPLE MAKEUP MADE BY ME @celineaugustinee

I have been trying to perfect my makeup skills, especially my eyebrow and I think I am catching up pretty fast.. Took this shot after doing a simple makeup on my face.


Made this in Chaotica a fractal program, made three and joined them to make one, colourful days ahead for steem and us. Enjoy.

I love Art , always like any kinds of Art Or Drawing. specially i like to art man lifestyl. This art Dedicate for you @whatageek



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Or it can be “Finally it’s Sunday”

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lost my eyes already.gif

Made this GIF recently, hope you enjoy.

I will be back soon...

thanks you.jpg

My contribution to the contest!

Made these a while back during the summer !

Still struggling to draw human figures tho !

It would be a pleasure that you could see my publication, it is a video of illusion, a greeting and a big hug.

No tengo todo pero si tengo un poema redactado por mi

Verdadero amor

  • Bella, ¡qué bueno es amarte! OH, ¡qué bueno es serte fiel! ¡Qué bueno es en todo tiempo pensar en ti!

Quiero Estar contigo, Abrazarte Besarte y contemplarte Y así poder compartir Tu amor con mis días

Es necesario entregarme a ti porque lo que siento por ti Es verdadero Amor

I personally made this abstact art on canvas. The colors, strokes and patterns represents the different mess of our life. No matter how different and unique we are like every abstract art, we still posses a different kind of beauty that no one can posses and imitate.



I had something interesting but I guess I'm late already. Congratulations to the winners

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