Control Alt Delete

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No better way to break the ice then to post this piece that becomes even more emboldened on this platform! So glad to be here!

Control Alt Delete

Altercation between destinations

Down an assembly line of categorization
Dodging mob like battles of contrary ideas

Ideas, that are prefabricated

Liberal or conservative
Democrat or Republican

Like swine at the trove
We are fed talking points
We are sculpted to have our intelligence insulted
Opposition breeds alternative positions
A measure without permission
Solutions served without a question
From networks with ill intentions
Chess played in third dimension
Leaves your opponent in full suspension
Control Alt Delete
Is the formula of negotiation
Alternatives are the beginning
Of the empirical demise
No need for disguise
Our decisions are made in reply
Of the main stream collide
With those who reside at the top tier
Control Alt Delete
This is the anthem of their defeat
Alternative media
Alternative social networks
Alternative currency
Alternative News
Alternative views
Alternative energy
Control Alt Delete
This is a receipt
Vote with your actions
Make no consents
Like the Montgomery boycott
Alternatives are the vehicles of accountability
Verbal indication makes no invitation
To social reform
This is the shift
Where the majority makes the commands
Control Alt Delete


Good to have you here!

Good to be here with the pioneers of the future!

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