World Editor for Ray Traced game.

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I am creating a real-time ray-traced game. And the last few days I spent on creating a world-editor for it.

The world-editor is in-game, so I can simply drag and drop elements from a palette into the world, and immediately use the newly created objects.

It's quite intuitive and lets you play "lego" or "doll-house" quite easily. My 7yo daughter loves helping me out with gamedev, so I will ask her to test drive the world builder for me, and see what she will come up with .

My game is written in C++, but using a mostly C-style coding. It is pretty mean and lean, but does require AVX2 at the moment. At some point I will have to port that to AVX to support more PCs out there. Currently, it is running in Linux on top of SDL2 and OpenGL 3.2, with my own custom engine.

Here is a video of me demonstrating the editor.



Cool stuff, keep up the good work.

great post~ sharing ✅

Wow, really nice! Good work :D. When will you be releasing it (I mean, when will you have the end/final version)?

Hard to say when it's done. I still have to figure out the game-play.
For a while I thought I would make it a game with a narrative.
Tell a story in a dark and scary world. But I am no longer convinced if that is the right path.

Hmm, well in my opinion, that kind of story would be interesting (well, for veteran gamers that is... don't know how the young generation would react to that).
If you need help on the soundtrack/background music I'd like to help :D (I have a friend who's a composer).

Heh, thanks.
For the moody music, I'm already covered though.
I took a license for a rendition of Georg Friedrich Händel's Sarabande.
So full of emotion. Here's the version from Barry Lyndon:

Great pick! It really fits with the games ambient and graphics.

Really nice ! I love the lego style whith this realistic light in the darkness. The atmosphere you have created is very fascinating.
The way your camera moves is interesting, it can be a part of the gameplay. You should use it for the level design.