Friday Wrapup, or What I Did Today

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North Lake.jpg

This is my accountability day and what I did this week and today. I figured out that the best way to get a big job done is to do it one rock at a time.

My Plan for the Week

  • Create a Udemy Course
  • Deconstruct a Novel
  • Have a personal life
  • Practise yoga
  • Plan a short Kindle book
  • Read Maggie West's Antique Pickers in Paradise cozy mysteries


  • Wrote notes for 3 videos for the course
  • Set up Powerpoint slides for 2 videos
  • Decided how to approach the deconstruction
  • Went for a drive to see the new run being built at North Lake (see photo)
  • Got groceries
  • Finished a Tami Hoag novel (First in the Oak Knoll series)
  • Started a Tami Hoag novel (Second in the Oak Knoll series)
  • Reading Maggie West's Book 3, Picked On


It sounds like you're doing great! You knocked a lot of your list and I like that you went for a drive. Is the run a waterway or something? All I can think of is a dog run but the photo doesn't look like that at all!

It's a water run where the lobster boats (well any fishing boats) head out to the open water.

Here's setting day at Naufrage -- about 20 miles to the west or North Lake. It's a really nice video. Naufrage is French for shipwreck. Setting Day here is May 1 and refers to when the lobster fishers set their traps.

Oh here is the run in North Lake. And Setting Day is actually April 30.

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