Top 5 MOST Creative inventions of China

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No1. Smart Plug

This is one of the amazing and creative invention by china. There is a hole in this plug to unplug it easily. This invention surely solving the problem of unplugging. That is the reason I put this invention on No. 1 for this list.

No. 2 Creative Glass Candle

Interesting and creative design, easy to light up this candle. China has designed this to solve the issue of lighting up the candle when it is difficult.

No. 3 Sleeping Shoes With Lights

Another amazing invention by china. Adding the lights in front of the sleeping shoes is a bery creative and interesting idea. This invention would sold a lot surely.

No. 4 Smart Hair Brush

Smart hair brush removes hair due to its creative design. This is designed so well, that its base comes out with hair and you can re-fix the base after removing hair from it. Absolutely creative!

No. 5 Mic Sponge

Last but not the least, Mic Sponge. You can now enjoy taking bath if you love singing. You can sing and make poses by using this special sponge.

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