Night walk .. Remembering the last photo session before my wedding.

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Hello my dear friends!!!

After so many problems, I feel very happy to be able to share again with you. It is almost incredible that, lately I have posted so little, after being so active by this means; but there have been many complications. Here in my country the situation with the internet is quite difficult, my career does not leave much free time (in fact it does not leave any time). And the last madness was the problem with steemit, which I really hope will not happen again.

But talking about more beautiful things, today I want to share or rather, remember the last session of photos I had before my wedding. A few months ago of that photo session. But it does not stop liking me a lot, since it was made by the person I love (my partner, my friend and my husband). Time flies by, and all that remains is to remember the beautiful moments, feel happy, and then go out and look for more of those beautiful moments.

Here I leave some of these pictures, I hope you like it.







Well friends I hope you liked it, I am grateful to you for visiting my blog.